My Poetry - Divine Visitation at the Medical Center

Divine Visitation at the Medical Center

In this place of buttons and screens and vainglory,
Where only retinas may see and spirits can’t soar
Today a blind man smiled at me
And no salary is worth more.

Gray, lifeless eyes like factory windows
Yet I caught a glimpse of eternity
And was shown the laser sharp center of my hope,
As he focused his faceful of light on me.

“Sir can I help you?” was my feeble rely.
“Oh no, I have all I could ever need
And besides, said he, I heard your sigh.”
And he reached out his hand to comfort me.

It’s my secret around here as to who’s helping who
And what is knowing and just who can see.
O to be free of my retinal attachments
And see by spirit like the blind man saw through me.