————— Books —————

Hestia’s House, A Literary Memoir, published by Hazelhurst House 2003. ISBN 0-9726821-8-X

Project Consultant to, and one of the authors of, the 7th Edition of the WPATH Standards of Care; which was presented at the WPATH Conference at Emory University in 2011.

——- Medical Articles and Essays ——-

Use of Cystatin C in Transsexual Patients,” June 26, 2017 (this is a PDF)

Learning the Thunder,” North Carolina Medical Journal, Jan/Feb 2001
Reprinted: Advance for PA’s, May/June 2001; in NC PA Academy Summer 2001
Reprinted: in the Handbook of the International Conference on Epilepsy Care, Aug 2001

A Baby for Mary,” The North Carolina Medical Journal, August 1994 (this is a PDF)

——- Other Articles and Essays ——-

Our Common Humanity,” from speech by the same name, presented at the *Duke Ahead* conference, September 18 2015.

My story in “Transgender Today,” New York Times, May 15, 2015.

Homily at the Chapel on Maryville College campus, Maryville, TN, March 7, 2012

Why I Joined Mensa — on this websiteon Mensa website

Raleigh News & Observer/Chapel Hill News section:

Hail to a Chief for All People” February 12, 2017

Space Exploration is our Destiny” November 16, 2016

Dead-Stick Landing” October 2, 2016

Praise for LGBT Parents” August 10, 2016

Learning the Thunder” June 26, 2016

At Home in Our Common Humanity” May 4, 2016

The Nature of Numbers” March 23, 2016

Cicadas and Other Cycles” February 5, 2016

Diversity in Medicine: How PA’s can have an Impact,” NCAPA News, Third Quarter 2007.

Treatment of Doctor Lacked Compassion,” The Pilot, November 9,  2005

Here’s A Christmas Child For You,” The Witness, December 2002

How I Quit Smoking,” Science of Mind, January 1984.

————— Poetry —————

What the Shaman Knows,” They Wrote Us a Poem, Volume VI, DUMC. Honorable Mention award, 2001.

Love Nest,” They Wrote Us a Poem, Volume V, DUMC. Notable Poem award, 2000.

Intensive Care Unit,” They Wrote Us a Poem, Volume IV, DUMC. Honorable Mention award, 1999.

—— Non-Authored Articles ——

(articles written about me detailing my career contributions)

Out at Work“, Duke Today, February 25, 2019

Patients With Gender Dysphoria Find New Option at Duke“, Duke Health, May 11, 2018

Our People: Q&A with Blaine Paxton Hall“, QNotes, November 3, 2017

Educating the Medical Community on Transsexual Healthcare”, KIPL Chronicle, NC Medical Society Leadership College. Spring 2016

My Giving Story, Duke Office of Gift Planning 2014

NC Academy-NCAPA News, First Quarter 2009, “Member Profile”

NC Academy-NCAPA News, Nov/Dec 2006. “PA Spotlight”

Healing & Caring; Fall 2005, Cover story.

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Nephrology News & Issues, Jan. 1999, pg. 30