My Poetry - Commitment


One sunny breezy day
I took it upon myself
to look upon the faces
of those who are
rejected, forgotten.

It was easy to recognize
that look of defeat.
No smiles
No frowns
Not a trace of emotion
in the faces of those
who know of no
in the future.

I wondered where
will it all end–
At death’s inevitable visit?

I was once told of the Love and
Justice and Mercy of God.
I have already learned about people
but God must not know of this place.

One sunny breezy day
under the shade of my apathy
I cried; and when there were
no more tears
I was filled with contempt
toward all the other forests
of apathy.

And I vowed
to do something.


This is my first published poem, written at age 15; and it speaks of my life’s mission.  It was published in my high school’s
literary book called:  Oak Apple Thoughts, in 1970, Woodstock Community High School