Blaine Paxton HallBlaine Paxton Hall, BS, MHS-CL, PA-C

Adjunct Associate Professor / Duke Physician Assistant Program

Distinguished Fellow, American Academy of Physician Assistants

NC Medical Society Leadership College Scholar

Duke Medicine Vista Society
James B. Duke Society

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A Provider’s Transgender Journey Helps Teach Compassion

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In 1983, well before my medical career, I underwent full gender reassignment.

In my spare time, I have been a lifelong runner. I’m formally studying math, and in 2016 completed Advanced, Multivariate Calculus 3.  I’m also interested in physics, astrophysics and am a space travel enthusiast.


Sandhills Community College
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Gender Medicine Clinic / Duke Endocrine Division, Durham, NC, was launched January 3, 2018
Adult Gender Medicine