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My Poetry - Intensive Care Unit
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My room’s a garden.
See the hummingbird’s
a shuttlecock over

the japonica tops.
Japanese Maple dances
in a crimson skirt

of delicate fringe , but
the jasmine are shy.
A solo flute plays

a bright fuchia tune.
Listen, Calliope breathes me.
And I am

a wild flying dove
just now released.
I leap into the blue

on vivace wings.
For I am
flying home.


1. Italics to denote stream of consciousness.
2. Enjambment of the lines, which is the running of one line or stanza to the next without syntactical break.
3. In a poem or work of fiction, the narrator “I” or “my” is not necessarily the author. 
4. Calliope (means beautiful voice) one of the 9 Muses in Greek mythology; she was the Muse of epic poetry.
5. Calliope was the "nickname" of the ventilator in my patient's room.
6. I wrote this poem after a patient of mine died. 
7. Another angle on the theme of home.
Intensive Care Unit