Blaine Paxton Hall
  Speaker, Author, Consultant

I was a consultant to BCBS in rewriting/updating their “Corporate Medical Policy on Gender Confirmation Surgery and Hormone Therapy” in September 2016, which will now cover all NC BCBS subscribers in addition to Duke employees, is to go into effect January 2017 and will have ramifications for all insurance companies in their coverage of transgender healthcare.

Project Consultant to, and one of the authors of, the 7th Edition of the WPATH SOC; which was presented at the WPATH Conference at Emory University in 2011.

Serve on the Duke Medicine Sexual & Gender Diversity Advisory Council (since August 2014).

Am a NC Medical Society Leadership College Scholar. My work in that connection was a medical education presentation for MDs and PAs entitled “An Overview of the Transsexual Patient,” which has been the basis of my subsequent presentations.

Serve on the WHO (World Health Organization) Global Clinical Practice Network (GCPN) studying gender identity and sexuality labels for the 11th edition of ICD (2015).

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