Blaine Paxton Hall
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About Me - My Core Value is:  Living an authentic life.

“I have resisted labeling and being labeled all my life, but if you insist upon labeling me, you may say that I am trans-gifted.”     - from this story -

I am a clinician in the Department of Hospital Medicine at Duke Regional Hospital, and an Adjunct Associate Professor for teaching Duke PA students.

The year 2016 marks 20 years at Duke, initially in Nephrology; and 25 continuous years as a physician assistant, all in NC.

Received my Masters’ in Clinical Leadership (MHS-CL) from Duke School of Medicine in 2007.
Completed physician assistant training from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in 1991.
Received BS degree from Roosevelt University, Chicago.

Authored "Hestia’s House" (a literary memoir) and numerous other published articles, essays and poems.  My memoir reveals the fact that over 3 decades ago, well before my medical career, I underwent gender reassignment.

Member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) since 1990, and serve on its Standards of Care Committee, and also on its International Advisory Group Selection Committee.

Distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

2004 Outstanding PA of the Year, by the NC Academy of Physician Assistants

Member of MENSA, the international high IQ society.

Founder of the American Academy of Nephrology PAs and served as its first president for 7 years.  AANPA has grown to now hundreds of member and the website continues to list me as the Founder.

First chair of the Diversity Committee of the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants. 
and have served on the Duke Regional Hospital Diversity Committee.

Member of the Duke Medicine Vista Society and the James B. Duke Society, as Duke figures prominently in my Trust and Estate Planning.

And here’s a link to my hometown - Cambridge, Ohio - where I still have strong roots:
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